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November 03

Hey there! A few months ago, there were emails sent about phase 4. Has this ever came about yet? I think I even paid the extra for it. Just curious where it stands! Thanks so much !

Just checking to see if this App/platform is active the last post I see was about a month ago.

July 18, 2022

What's up, My Most Valuable People!!!  I am so excited to see you in our new community! This is literally like our own Facebook!  The MVP Community is great for so many reasons - We can use it to stay accountable with our workouts, to share our ideas and questions about weekly Power of I Am topics, to provide daily motivation and inspiration, to get to know other like-minded MVPs... Honestly, I just wanted you to have a great space to engage each and every day!  Feel free to share your posts by hitting “+ Post” in the top right corner.

August 01

Choose one word that describes how you feel today and why you feel that way… Ready Go!!

February 01

I weigh 116 and I only see level 1 meal plan starting weight at 135. Should I follow that meal plan or drop 100 calories? Level 1 is more like my maintenance calories.

January 06

Can you tell me where to find the ‘Resources’ section to find the calendar and nutrition?

Thank you

I missed yesterday...I just finished up Day 3 and Day 4 🥵🥵

January 29

Hey all,

I just paid a few minutes ago to join the 6wk program starting on jan30. I loved shift shop and wanted to support chris as I think he’s amazingly motivational.

  1. It seems like there are 4 workouts and a 7-10min ab workout each week. Is that correct?

  2. Is there a calendar to follow?

  1. When will the live zoom calls be? Sign in details?


July 20, 2022

Just kicking with the youngest of the crew Cash Downing. This kid is literally my twin. This is my guy right here ❤️