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Over the Edge Sample Workouts Free bundle (4 videos) Over the Edge Sample Workouts

Welcome to the Over The Edge Sample Workouts. My name is Chris Downing, your Trainer and Motivational Coach. As your trainer I'm looking forward motivating you through these workouts and bringing out the best in you. This 6 week program is a complete game changer and has been proven to GET YOU RESULTS GUARANTEED. Enjoy the two sample workouts Cardio One & Upper Edge 1. These workouts can be found under the category Programs...Over The Edge/ Phase1. All I ask from you is to give your best effort.

In addition to the two sample workouts I would also like to give you access to sample some of the other content that's on the Chris Downing App Platform as well such as a teaching from my motivational coaching program Power Of I Am titled "Clothed In Faith" , and Documentary Titled "She Lost 100lbs".

Just a few instructions to ensure you receive the best experience when doing the workouts and watching the other content. make sure after you create your free account, download the Chris Downing App available in your app store to your smart device using the login information you created your account with.   

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or text 330-309-3456 if you have any questions. 

No payment needed!